Inspiring the ambition of local regional and global brands in every industry.

  • Because anything
    can happen

    Thought-provoking imagery and messaging to raise consumer awareness about insurance

    Botswana Insurance Company (BIC)

  • Don't forget!

    A national campaign highlighting the deadline for annual insurance renewals

    Zimnat Insurance

  • Business in SADC

    Building channels to reveal value and deliver better service to over 10,000 members in 15 countries

    SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF)

  • SADC Labour Law Guide

    Digitizing and sharing a legal compendium across 15 countries to facilitate formal business, trade and employment

    SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF)

  • Creating together

    Being a part of the dialogue and discussion with regional Ministers, development partners, experts and key stakeholders.

  • Taking people further

    Building a brand to take people organisations and economies further through critical thinking

    Vertical Momentum

  • From business to brand

    Shifting an African agribusiness to a lifestyle brand


Bringing our creative and strategic expertise to our partnerships in development & sustainability

  • Telling the story

    Working together to bring the story of transformational empowerment to life

    ILO - Empowerment for Women & Youth (E4WAY)

  • Seeing the future of
    work through art

    The result of effective partnership and collaboration for development

    ILO - Green EnterPrize

  • Indigenous opportunity

    Communicating the value of the local economy and the potential of women and youth

    ILO - Empowerment for Women & Youth (E4WAY)

  • Health and well-being

    Revealing the luxury of an established local business

    Body Focus

  • Visualizing data

    Bringin data to life to communicate sustainability solutions

    Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)

  • Design communication

    Using smart design to effectively communicate programmes and progress

    Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)


Ensuring African youth see themselves in all aspects of culture – from business to social.

  • Sharing cultures
    through stories

    Reinventing cultural traditions and storytelling

    Afronaut Press

  • Building impact
    one story at time

    Revealing the power of youth in the socio-economic value chain.

    Afronaut Press

  • Engaging curious
    young minds

    A gradual process of building young citizens by allowing them to access current affairs in their own way

    Afronaut Press

  • Translating Sustainability

    Engaging children and youth on the issues that matter to the future they will inherit

    17Promises Newspaper

  • Learning from youth

    Creating environments to learn from the wisdom of youth

    Ken Wilson-Max - Author Illustrator

  • Bringing stories to life!

    Telling stories that inspire, entertain and educate children

    Ken Wilson-Max - Author, Illustrator


Shaping work and social spaces to nurture productivity and inspire community.

  • Design makes the

    Creating better-designed spaces is more important now than ever before

  • Love where you
    live and work

    Whether it is intimate or grand a well-designed space makes room for work and play

  • Well-designed space:
    A necessity, not a luxury

    Good design improves the opportunity for growth

  • The art of detail

    The smallest details make the biggest difference

  • Bringing back
    indigenous landscapes

    Reintroducing African environment to inspire community and creativity

    Tribal Landscapes

  • Enhancing landscapes

    Combining sustainable design principles with nature

    Tribal Landscapes