The Brand Africa® Project drives a programme of social and commercial activities to reinforce the potential of Africa and Africans. Through a combination of events, products services and campaigns the projects deliver a series informative experiences that build an understanding and knowledge of Africa and its potential.

These experiences are designed to stimulate a commercial determination to launch the continent into a period of accelerated economic growth and inclusion.

Brand Africa® Project activity sets out to inspire individuals, companies, brands and countries to see the invisible and do the impossible


Events provide a multi-sensory and life-like experience of the brand.



Through ongoing multimedia campaigns, the project delivers tailored communication to targeted audiences around the globe.


Our products provide tangible evidence of all things African and the possibility of Africa in all things.

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The growth of Brand Africa® Project is built on a foundation of relationships, involvement and partnership.

We welcome your interest and invite you, your organisation, your country and your brand to see the invisible and together do the impossible.

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The urgency surrounding the so-called Year of Africa stemmed from the understanding that Africa presented both needs that could no longer be ignored and opportunities that should no longer be postponed. Nils Tcheyan
Director of Strategy & Operations. Africa Region, World Bank University of California at Berkeley

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