1. Branding


Africa's population is approaching the one billion mark and has been growing at an average of 5% over the last decade.

Brand building in Africa is gaining momentum as brands that have stagnated in their home markets, scramble to make brand inroads in this highly sought after and fast growing emerging market.

Brand planning

We create and deliver compelling African brands. Great brands are as the result of careful and creative planning. For a brand to succeed, creative brand strategies need to be developed. We draw from a clear idea of what wishes to fulfill, and even more importantly what needs to be done to make those wishes come true.

Brand strategy

We help you develop a strong understanding about what exactly an African brand is and can be. The expectations consumers have for a product or service they buy is stronger than its ever been and long-term success depends on the most promising and targeted brand experience possible.

2. Design


Nielsen/Net Ratings measure web activity in 21 countries. According to their research, there are around 450 million surfers around the world. Not all of them are as termed 'active', but there are over 250 million people regularly surfing through cyberspace. Africa only accounts for only 3.4 %.

We are equally comfortable working on projects that need to be delivered quickly or gradually over time and what we deliver can be understood by everyone and actually implemented by those that need it.


We bring together expertise and industry specialists to design, build and produce material across mediums. We believe in developing technical solutions that forge the commercial objectives of a business with its brand strategy to produce an interactive and engaging user experience.

Architecture & Interiors

We concentrate on pursuit of excellence in design and thought. This is only achieved through active collaboration and partnerships with specialists. Cost management is integral at every stage of every product. The scope of the work includes planning, design of buildings, interior environments, furniture and experimental spaces as well as workspace consultancy, residential and lifestyle planning.

3. Marketing


We aim to deliver a representative platform and tangible brand experience. This includes planning, management and delivery of events that facilitates contact, relations, access, engagement and insight to service the Brand Africa® business and social agendas. Effectively reaching our diverse target audience and ultimately supporting the overall business and initiative objectives.

Public Relation (PR)

We focus on two-way communication and help foster mutually beneficial relationships. Helping you strategically listen to, appreciate, and respond to those persons whose mutually beneficial relationships with your organisation are necessary for you to achieve your objectives.


Our philosophy is that each project we are working on will be the best we will do. We are very aware of a dynamically changing and borderless cultural flow and place Africa and Africans at the centre of the ever-changing face of these different content forms.

4. Campaigns

Campaign planning

Planning is the most essential part of our campaign. Our process is a fluid exchange of good strategy and creativity. We believe in uncovering the most profitable, intuitive and strategic way forward by a combination of instinct and sound practice.


We have one aim, to accelerate the potential of a brand with uniquely innovative African ideas across all platforms. The strength of our network is built from the passion, imagination and creativity of our people across countries and cultures. We engage all mediums to maximize brand exposure.

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